Use AC200 MAX like zendure solarflow balcony system with power limited feed into grid

Hi All,

I am unsure if people are aware of the recently introduced zendure system that combines a small balcony system with a battery. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to store in a battery, some of the excess energy that you would otherwise feed back to the grid during the day, and use it in the evening when you have no solar power.

My ideal solution would be to have the only input to the AC200 MAX be the solar power, and:

  1. During the day, the AC200 Max charges and any excess from the solar, feeds into the house grid, then
  2. During the night, the AC200 Max discharges at some limited load into my house grid (average base load ~300W in my case, so I set it around there)

Anyone know of a nice plug and play solution? If not, happy to get my hands dirty and hack something together.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Hi @ldx00
I know the zendure system, but in my opinion its just bad how it manage the power income.

i asked the same question by myself. How to use the power that otherwise will go into the public grid. I do have multiple EP500Pros. What im going for needs a bit of infrastructur.

To measure my current solar overflow and my engery i pull from the grid i use a tibber pulse (Pulse – Der Strom-Tracker ⚡️ Tibber).

It have a open API for Home Automation Software like Homeassistant, which i use and host on a raspberry pi.

second thing i use are Wifi plugs. I use plugs with tasmota OS. Really enjoy them. (

In HomeAssistant you now can setup a automation which trigger the plugs to turn on if the tibber pulse say “Hey, there is more Solar energy that you consume” and turn the plugs off when you use power from the grid.

The only thing thats a bit of downside is the scaling. Since the plugs only can turn on and off and cant regulate the current to the powerstation, you need to set your AC current on the AC200Max to a specific value, in my case 1A with 230V.

If you need any more information, just tag me :)


Bluetti should soon release a product called “bluetti balcony solar system”
Bluetti has published some specifications, which I give here

Here is the link to the interview given by Mark Yue from Bluetti.

At the IFA in Berlin, a Bluetti representative said that the product could be marketed in Germany in October…
I’m watching but don’t see anything yet

Yeah, its pretty similar to the thing that Ecoflow already built. I hope the bluetti system is much more intelligent than the Ecoflows. To really use the ecoflow system, you need to buy a smartplug for every device in you house. Just too expensive. Would be much greater if you can call your own api for this data instead.

Really curios what the future will bring on this project.

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I completely agree with you, I hope that the new grid-tie inverter from bluetti will manage tuya/smart life wifi current sensors… because this will make it possible to put a low cost current sensor directly on the main electrical inlet in the electrical panel (to make zero injection on the network).
However, with my 2 AC200max and its proprietary bluetooth and Tuya connected sockets and a small 12V inverter grid… I tinkered with an automation to do zero injection by using an old Android phone, smartlife, and Macrodroid (to automate the tasks… Macroidroid launches the Bluetti app and places orders via the app interface (UI), on triggers from Smartlife and my Tuya’s connected sockets) I don’t really need now an open API, I will be able to do it with Macrodroid.