US Federal Electric Code 2020 and 2023

I want to install my single-phase AC 300 with two B300 batteries to the ProTran 2 you recommend in the partial home backup system diagram on your website. However, in the US, new code requires an exterior emergency shutdown switch for battery backup systems. Question, I was wondering if the PEAS SERIES 20A~40A AC Isolator would work by connecting it to the Bluetti TT30-P to NEMA L14-30 extension cord that runs to the ProTran panel? The Projoy PEAS Series AC Isolator is suitable for power system below AC 440V and below rated working current 40A, which can effectively solve the problems of emergency disconnection. What are you thoughts on this possible solution?

This is very important to many of us. We are at a standstill since the Bluetti Smart Panel death and the recommendation to use the TroTran panel. We want our installations to function and be safe. Thank you very much.

Link to web page is below:
PEAS Series 20A~40A - Projoy Electric (

@timber After confirming with engineer, the answer is that it can be connected as you said.

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