UPS Problem on EB3A

@VoxMan, there will be only 2 firmwares to update, one will be Arm, current version 2057.11 and then Dsp v2056.10. It may be best not to have the power cord plugged in or any devices plugged into the unit when doing this, Just keep your phone close to the EB3A, don’t let it go to sleep or interrupt the upgrade process, and should take less than a minute to do. Once you do the Arm update, the station will reboot, then you can do the Dsp one. Congrats on your power station. :slight_smile:

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First thing I did, updated all 3 firmware updates immediately.

I did test the UPS feature on the EB3A and it work flawlessly. Plug in my ac powerbar into the Bluetti unit. (Just used one plug on the unit). It was connected to Wyze cameras, Modem, Router and Apple original speakers and some minor devices.

It switch without no issues. However, you would probably need to have ECO mode off, otherwise it will shut down if not sufficent wattage is used/monitored.

The only issue I experience is the fan buzzing/high pitch noise. I end up returning it but did not replace it, as I will wait for another 6 months for it. I need for another project planned.

Bluetti responded well, provided paid return label and issued a refund. (Thanks Bluetti!, good service.)

In the meantime, I have the AC200MAX which so far has pass all my real world usages and testing.

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Thanks @Jayling, I’m looking forward to receiving it!

In fact. after being notified that my order containing my AC200Max + B230, a PV350 solar panel, and the EB3A - I raced home to make sure not to leave the items outside - I discovered only ONE item of the order shipped…

Then, after opening, I find that Bluetti only shipped the power station …and when I opened it Innow find they shipped the WRONG power station!?

I specifically ordered the AC200 Max BUNDLE (200Max + B230), I received ONLY the (wrong) AC200P…!?

I just sent an email to - asking for an RMA process…

Not off to a good start. I think I’ll look for a thread where this has happened - and post this - or start a thread.

Thanks @Vinman! I’ll concentrate on updating the firmware!

Right, i have not had an AC interruption since updating to .11 ARM and .10 DSP. Mind you there some other quirks with percentage of battery left not being accurate but for the UPS BYPASS it seems to be stable still for me.

Question: How are you determing that the percentage of battery left not being accurate.

When I had the unit, in UPS mode, it will drop below 100%. As the unit is consuming wattage (10% is common) and it won’t charge until it drop to a programed percentage. Off hand I can’t remember the figure.

I never notice or seen any indication that my display was wrong?

@Jayling & @Vinman Thanks for the tips guys, just completed both updates! I will be on my way to testing soon!