Ups alternatives to eb3a

i have several eb3a’s i wanted to use as ups backup but the fan noise is bothering me.

if i use a cyberpower ups for short term backup (a few minutes), what bluetti can i plug the cyberpower into in case of a moderately long outage? (and to avoid the cyberpower alarm on power failure).
the web sites and manuals just say to avoid doing it.

can i just plug it into an eb70s and leave the eb70s plugged into the wall? i know i am likely limited to 200W power but that is enough for my router+directv dvr.
what will this do to the lifetime of the eb70s?

i’d ask about using the ac200p but the fan on the power supply is obnoxious running 24/7.

I had two EB3A units and had to return them because the AC output will turn off randomly while plugged into the wall using the UPS feature, I have notify Bluetti of the problem and they said: It is the first time we try to apply the UPS function on small unit. Thanks for your feedback, our tech team is now researching on this issue and try to improve it. But currently, we could only return the items.
So using if as a battery backup is questionable?

thats why i leave my cyberpower ups plugged in between the power source (the bluetti) and the devices (router and directv dvr). but it has a very limited battery that seems to die after a year or two and gives a loud beep if power goes out. which is why i wanted to put a bluetti in front for a larger if less reliable ups battery in times of long term power outage. like several hours.

Hopefully Bluetti will get the EB3A fixed so that the UPS feature will work correctly.

Hopefully they find something to fix the buzzing before the fan revs up without needing a new charge circuit.
Hopefully they fix the turbocharge when battery drops to 99% (change to a trickle charge? or wait until 95%?).
Both of these things should have been resolved BEFORE the release of this product.
Another issue is the bricking the PV if voltage gets to 60V. To easy to do by accident. Maybe an addonbox in between the port and the PV cables.