Upgrade Firmware - Yes or No?

Two Problems:

  1. Does the firmware need to be upgraded? Where can I find the current firmware version on my EB3A? Does Bluetti list firmware versions on their web site?
  2. My “ECO” mode is stuck on 4 hours. No matter how many times I try to choose 1 hour, it won’t change.

So far, no help from Bluetti ‘customer service’. If that doesn’t change, I’m going with ECOFLOW from now on.

You update he firmware through the Bluetti app. You need it to update. Also you can turn off the ECO mode through the app as well as enable “powerlift” mode.

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I suppose the question at this point is: Are you connecting with the App to see the settings options and firmware upgrade option?

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I’ve got the app on my iPhoneX and it has no option to update software on my EB3A.
Where is it?

to change eco mode you have to enable it then you can change the hour.

Please login to your account and connect your device with Bluetooth to update.