Unlock AC180T and Its Replaceable Battery Packs!


:battery:The AC180T comes with two removable and replaceable 716.8Wh LiFePO₄ battery packs.
These modular packs enable you to use them individually for smaller power needs or combine them for greater capacity. Adapt to any emergency with ease!

:gear: With replaceable battery packs, if you encounter any issue with a particular pack, you can easily replace it without the need for sending the entire unit for repair.

The real beauty lies in the future-proof design of AC180T. As technology advances and batteries evolve, you’ll have the flexibility to upgrade and swap out your old battery packs for new ones. Embrace the latest advancements without investing in an entirely new power station. :star2:

:point_down:Learn more about the AC180T and its modular battery packs:


Awesome idea.
It also appears (though i don’t see it explicitly mentioned) that the cooler uses the same battery.
Now let me also swap out/upgrade other components too like the solar input to the one in the AC200L.
Or make an AC200L version that takes 3 or 4 of these Battery packs.
Or make an AC70 version that takes 1 of these Battery packs (or 2 smaller ones).
Or make a B300 battery only version that takes 4 of these Battery packs.

The Multicooler uses the same battery!