Unleashing the Potential of AC200L with Enhanced Output & Input Ports


:electric_plug:400W DC Aviation Port
:minibus: TT-30 30A RV Port
:smoking: 120W Cigarette Lighter Port
:electric_plug:2400W AC Ports ×4
:zap:QC3.0 18W USB-A Ports ×2
:zap:PD 100W USB-C Ports ×2

In addition to the upgraded output ports, you cannot miss the upgraded input ports of AC200L!

:zap:2400W AC charging port - The fastest charging speed among products of the same capacity.
:sunny:1200W PV charging port - The highest PV charging power among products of the same capacity.

This animated picture does look pretty cool!

How do we unleash the potential of the 400 watt DC aviation port? Mine will not connect to anything and I am lacking in understanding on how to use it and what specifically it can do.

@Scott-Benson The AC200L has a 48V battery.
If you want to have 12V and 24V, you will have to integrate it into the AC200L and to save space, the outputs will be limited to 10A for 12V and 5A for 24V.
Whereas with the D40 externally, you will have 30A at 12V and 15A at 24V which is appreciable for powering an entire van at 12V or 24V.

Will this thing called a D40 actually be available before my AC200L is obsolete and replaced by a new model?

I apologize for the delay in the arrival of D40.
Please don’t worry, I will let you all know as soon as it arrives to take your AC200L experience to the next level.