Unleash Infinite Power with BLUETTI MultiCooler & AC180T Battery Pack

:zap: Limitless Power Storage:
With the AC180T Battery Pack, the MultiCooler becomes a powerhouse. Enjoy an incredible 70 hours of continuous cooling with a single battery pack. Need even more power? Double up and enjoy a whopping 140 hours of uninterrupted chilling.

:fast_forward: Always Stay Charged:
Don’t let power constraints hold you back from your adventures. By simply adding an extra battery pack (available separately), you can achieve unlimited power storage and extend your MultiCooler’s endurance for as long as you need.

:electric_plug: Embrace Cordless Convenience:
Finally, experience true cordless freedom with your MultiCooler. No more relying on traditional power sources or being tethered to an outlet. With the AC180T Battery Pack, you’re free to take your MultiCooler wherever you go, whether it’s camping, road trips, or outdoor events.

:wave: Say goodbye to limitations and hello to sustained refrigeration power with the BLUETTI SwapSolar Eco-System. Chill on the Road, Power Where You Roam.