Unknown package from Bluetti

Hi there!
I’m new here (just registered), so I may selected wrong discussion.
I ordered my EB70 station recently, and already received it, but then another package from Bluetti (at least, it looks so) was received at my virtual address at Nova Poshta Shopping (Ukrainian service that make shopping in EU a bit easier for us here).
Anyone knows, what it can be?
As support response times are not too fast now, for some reason.
Thanks in advance!
Attaching image with information:

Poweroak is the original Bluetti manufacturer’s name in China. I suggest opening it carefully and inspecting its contents in the case it is not for you.

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Could be a solar cable, looks like it is only 0.13kg in weight…

Mine was shipped in a separate package.

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Thank you for you replies!
I thought that solar cable was right in the box. Probably, gonna wait for answer from support, as I’m not able to retrieve the parcel from the service without the invoice.