Understanding Battery Information

I have a AC200MAX and charge it with Bluetti’s PV350 panel. After charging the LCD panel says 100% however when looking at the battery information on the app Pack 1 SoC says 100% but Pack2 and Pack 3 SoC are 0%. All say standby even though it’s currently charging a speaker. Can someone explain or is there a guide to understand why the panel says 100% charged but two of the battery packs say 0%. Thanks, David

Welcome to the forum @DavidM !!

When you have connected the b230 batteries to the AC200Max, they should be working harmoniously in that the b230 should be able to accept charge if your pv350 is connected to the Max. BUT… the b230 expansion batteries will only accept this charge if the SOC is HIGHER then the connected AC200 Max… This comes directly from the B230 manual…

Also I would watch this short clip to make sure youve got everything hooked up right and synced together…

And the AC200Max might not be showing a output to the speaker because its output is too low of a draw. Believe under 40w?? AC might not register on the display??
Another thing to note regarding the b230 and the Max.. you could charge the expansion batteries up with the t400/t500 DC charging brick if you have one. Or you could get the D050S charging enhancer to add the ability to charge the expansion batteries directly from you solar panels.