Unable to reach tech support or customer service -- money back window closing

We received an AC200P a month ago. It won’t keep proper date or time and the display is now so washed out that it’s almost impossible to read when one tries to enable DC or AC power. I’ve tried repeatedly to reach Bluetti via phone or email, only to find all their mailboxes full or no response via email. It also appears they’ve turned off the ability to reach them via Twitter. Is there any way to contact this company, or is my only recourse to call my credit card company, get my money refunded, and send this unit to the local recycler?

Hi @jld0077 , sorry for inconvenience caused. Phone service or email service has been on overload lately.
Please don’t worry and would you mind please sharing us your email address and your order number? Once we confirmed, we will let our customer service department prioritize your email.
Please accept our sincese apology and look forward to your reply.

I don’t want to post my email address in a public forum – that’s a terrible security practice and I’m surprised you asked for it. The order number is US39255. Use the information there to contact me.


Hi @jld0077 , Support team has checked your incoming mail against your order number. Will reply to you within 24 hours, please check your inbox at that time. Thank you for your kind understanding.