un-Bind APP from Power Unit

recently purchased BLUETTI AC200MAX. It was tied to an account that is not mine. Question “Can I unlink it from someone else’s account and link it to my own?” How can i do this?

@veshkarevm Please provide the machine SN code, I will let the engineer help you unbind your AC200MAX

machine SN code AC200M2245005117034

@veshkarevm The machine has been unbundled

I have the same issue.

machine SN code EB3A2302000775117

Can You help me?

Please unbind. My unit was delivered today bound to someone else’s email address. SN AC1802334003252912

@Here4U The background shows that your device has been unbind and rebind today.

Recenly bought a eb3a 600 and would like it unlinked so i can link to mine SN EB3A2338003679778

Dear support,

May you please unbind my ep500pro with SN code EP500P2147000006155

@LinkMoto Sorry for not catching your post in time, does the machine still need to be unbound?

@hotrod77 Already unbound.