UL listing issue on some key bluetti accessories

i have bought 2 full AC300sets (2ac300+8xB300) based on its advertisement of split phase features and operation.
Only after getting all the AC and Batteries months later then hoping you eventually get the rest of the equipment.
Now it seems after all the hype in reality to make split phase work you are voiding your home owner’s insurance. If i read it right to AC300s and B300s have UL listing but they would not give you split phase until your have the Fusion box pro or the smart home panel from them. (and both of those units seem to not have UL listing. So bottom line it seems to me i am unable to use split phase mode. The very thing i bought the units for.
Can anyone enlighten me if i am missing something in this picture. thank you

Does your home insurance actually says in writing that it is void if there is a piece of no UL appliance in the home?

@BigApple I don’t have the big boy unit or the accessories so will have to let @BLUETTI jump in to provide this information.

Hi @BigApple,

You need to buy fusion box or smart home panel, then you can enter the split phase mode.

No it does not. I just checked with them. They seem fine. They only don’t have coverage if I use wiring with old type fuses. Those round ones with the button in the middle. So I think we are good. I also heard back from bluetti and they have emailed me saying that the product has UL certification. So false alarm it seems.

Hi @BigApple,

Sorry, I just double check with our team.
You’re right, they have UL listing. Thank you for correcting!

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