UL Approval and Solar connector (EB3A)

Hi I have just bought a EB3A and I have a few questions.

  1. Is the solar charge cable included?
  2. What are the model name (spec) for the DC input connectors?
  3. Is the EB2A UL, VDE or CCC approved?

Thanks in advance


@thomasdkjensen Hi there,

  1. Yes, there are AC charging cable, Solar charging cable, Unit, warranty card, user manual in the box
  2. MC4-DC7909 Applicable Model: EB70/EB3A
  3. UL and CE has been approved
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Thank you.

I just received the EB3A, but it refuses to charge using my 120W solar panel (Open voltage 22V). It just flashes the Input on the display and writes LOW PV power in the app.

Please provide me a firmware update or a new unit if my unit is faulty.

Any available firmware updates are accessible thru the app once you are connected to the unit via bluetooth. If there is updates available, you should be able to see them in the settings menu of the specific unit in the app.

Regarding the 120w panel not charging your unit… what solar panel are you using? Having the voc or open circuit voltage number of the panel is important, but what is the voltage that you are measuring with a multi-meter prior to plugging it into the eb3a?