Type of Li-Ion battery

What type of lithium battery does the EB150 use?

I don’t know the exact details but almost all Bluetti power stations use the Lithium Iron Phosphate type which has the benefit of more charging and discharging cycles before any degrading, and no heat limitation while in use. The disadvantages are less voltage per cell ( so a battery needs more cells in series), more weight per cell voltage, and damage due to extremely low temperature operation. You can read the EB150 user manual for free at the Bluetti web site and see the correct operationg tempersture range.

According to the specifications it uses a Lithium Polymer battery.

@Ben Yea the EB150 uses high automobile grade Lithium Polymer cells which are not “LifePO4” but still rated to 2500+ lifecycles per their website. BLUETTI EB150 Portable Power Station | 1000W 1500Wh

I personally love my EB150 unit and appreciate them not being lifepo4 as its lighter. And I try not to get focused on the cycle rating anyways… as I know that realistically I will have either “upgraded” this unit or the calendar aging will effect these “so-gens” looooong before I ever will notice any degradation of the cells due to cycles.