Type C-USB-PD Port

Hello, has anyone used the Type C-USB-PD connector? I have a couple of questions about it. First, is it PD, PD2.0, or PD 3.0 compatible? I want to use it for my laptop by using a decoy/trigger board. Has anyone done this? I think that most Bluetti power stations have the Type C-PD connector. For the sake of this conversation, I have an EB150.

Hi Ben, I’m not sure about the version of EB150 type C PD charging port, but this charging port has a maximum output of 45W, FYI

Yes, it is 45W. I want to know the version so I can purchase the correct decoy/trigger board. I saw one that I like, but it is version PD2 and PD3 only. Anyone out there know?