Two different charging %'s displayed in App

I recently (in the last week) have 2 different percentages of Battery charge % being displayed between the “My Bluetti” tab that lists all of your Bluetti devices versus the Battery charge % displayed when you click that device (where it displays the PV & Grid In and AC/DC out). These percentages have varied by as much as 4%.
This discrepancy just started a few days ago. I have rebooted the app and cleared the cache. I don’t know if it was because of a recent app update or something else. Has anyone exhibited this same error?
Thank you.

Hi @wtytke , Do you mean that the battery level shown on the machine is different from the one shown on the app?
May I know what is your BLUETTI model and is the app updated to the latest?

App version is v1.29
And the answer is yes it is different. Currently, the opening page (My Bluettis) show the charge value @ 72% and when I choose that item, it displays 68% - I have rebooted my phone and cleared the cache, still same result. Yesterday, I had a discrepancy of 10%.
Examples attached:

I’m seeing the same thing on my AC300. Why should there be a difference? Here are my images from the main app screen showing our two Bluetti’s. When I click on the top one it shows a substantial 10% difference in the percent of battery charge. This unit has PV charging and is set to Standard UPS mode. I am wondering, too, why there is not an even discharge between the two batteries? Yesterday, I noticed that there was only 58% or so charge in BS300 number 1 and over 80% in BS300 number 2.