Two B300 batteries connected to AC200P?

I have one B300 battery on order and am considering getting a second one when available to bump up the combined wh to 8,000+. I know I can connect one of them to the AC200P’s PV port with the optional cable but how about a second one? Can the two B300’s simply be daisy chained together with the supplied power connection cables or will the second one need to go to the AC200P’s AC adapter port using a DOS50 charging enhancer which I also have on order?

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Thank you for contacting us. AC200P can connect with 2 B300 at the same time. One is connected by D050S and a car charging cable, and the other one is connected by P090D-XT90. Here is the video:BLUETTI Support - YouTube

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Car charging cable? I would think the D050S would connect to the second battery with a P090D-XT90 cable as shown in the D050S video or will they both supply the same amps?

Yes, you need a D050S and a car charging cable which is included in D050S box to connect AC200P. P090D-XT90 is a way to connect with the second B300. Both two ways supply the same amps.

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