Two AC200max in parallel

Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to run two AC200 max’s in parallel to get more capacity. I would like to have a system in my house dedicated to powering some devices through solar, but then having the extra capacity. I would like to use the spare AC200 in my campervan when going on trips. Is this possible to do or does it make more sense to just get the extra B230 and another AC200 max which would cost me a lot more. Thanks.


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If you are referring to battery run time at a given load output as “Capacity” then you will receive the most watt hours from your batteries by using one AC200 Max until depleted and then use the other one. You can charge one AC200 Max from the other unit to increase uniterrupted run time but you will lose watt hours running both units at the same time.

Is there a way to connect them together to seamlessly operate together? I have not seen or read anything about this combination.

@huskydriver No you cannot connect 2 AC200Max units together in parallel. You can add an external B230 or B300 to the Max tho for added capacity.

No, you cannot put two units with their outputs in parallel because AC power needs to be synchronized, or else one will pull power away from the other during the 60 Hz cycling. The only units that are designed to operate in parallel (actually synced but in opposite phases for 240 VAC) are the AC300 and EB500 with the Fusion Box Pro and a special communications cable between them.

You would need to open your two AC200 Max units, discover where the 60 Hz timing is generated, then design and build a new circuit to synchronize them. That is dangerous and expensive.

Thanks, good to know. I’ll just make do with the battery and supplement with solar for now. If I need the extra power i’ll just get an extra b230 or b300.

You could try this but it’s not effeciant.
Ac200Max with the solar hooked up. Use one of the outlets with a smart switch. Program out a schedule for the smart switch like 12pm to 3pm to turn on. Connect the power brick to this switch going into your second Ac200Max ac input. Your first 200Max would charge your second Max. The first Max would charge back up via solar.

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