trying to figure out something

hey guys, I’m considering buying an EB 3A to run the following devices:
Sony television model KD 65x85J 241 watts
router model RTAX 1800s 10 watts
cable modem model CODA 4589-36 w

I’m hoping to get 3 to 4 hours use when the power goes out. a

any advice would be appreciated

The TV itself @ 241 watts will drain the EB3A in about an hour. You will need a unit with more watt hour capacity. The EB3A has 268 watt hour, of which around 90% is usable.

I would suggest an AC180, which has 1152 watt hour battery capacity, with about 1050 usable.

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Hi, I have a EB3A and tried it with just a Vizio Quantum X PQ65 @ 240w the EB3A said only 1.2 hrs.
Another TV a TCL 43″ 4K TV @ 45w with a nice sounding powered sound bar used 60w EB3a said 3.9
hrs. Real time was about 3.4hrs. So I got a mini battery a 12V 20Ah LiFePO4 to have as a booster since the EB3A can charge on the fly when it starts getting low. I haven’t done a time trial with it yet. You would need a bigger power station a BLUETTI AC180 1800W is around $800 or do like I did but with a $200-$400 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery for a booster to do what you want to do. You would have to buy a LiFePO4 battery charger also. I’ve had 3 power outages this summer. I used my phone for internet hub and streamed movies to my TV.

Hi @onknight

as the other comments already say. This Unit dont offer enough capacity for you wishes.

The Unit have 268Wh. Which means you can supply 268W for 1 hour. And there isnt anything calculatet like the own consumption of the inverter, battery reserve etc.



Thanks for the advice unfortunately I don’t have the money to spend $1,200 Canadian on a AC180
I live on a very fixed income and $300 is about it .
What I was thinking was buying lithium-ion battery to increase the power at a later date
I could basically use a tablet and just run the cable modem and and router until then
I seen videos on extending the EB3A capacity
If I just run the router and cable modem that’s around 46 Watts

or BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB55 I might be able to swing it

EB55 or EB70 might be a good pick for you. Im also using EB55 to watch TV with my nvidia Shield. 3 - 4 hours are no Problem with my setup.

My setup with TV and shield draws about 90 W - 100 W. I think yout TV also consume less than 241W constant.

My friend pimp out his EB3A by using 2 lifepro batteries and a step up. He told me So with my set up I took the 268wh battery they put in it and now I have given it 2400wh extra giving my Bluetti eb3a a battery capacity if 2668wh


Unfortunately I can only go with what’s on the back since I don’t have a measuring device to check power from the socket

That sounds very interesting. I’d love to hear more about this option. Would your friend happen to have a photo or some kind of diagram/instruction on their setup?

So this is the route I intend to go.

I’m going to buy the eb3a tomorrow 8-31-2023
And then I’m going to plug my cable modem and router into the device and use the UPS functionality

In October I’ll add a 50 amp hour battery and the cabling and a charger for the battery itself
I will then add the television to the connections

If need more capacity I’ll add another 50 amp hour battery at a later date
If Only They had a unit which is in the $500 range with the Bluetooth app and the UPS functionality
I probably would have gone that way

Thoughts from everyone is appreciated

I just like the eb3a because of his Bluetooth app and connectivity
I also like the fact that it’s small and Compact and has a UPS functionality

I thought about just buying a 50 amp hour battery a charger and a thousand watt converter
It’s a little more expensive by about 50 bucks but I’d have more power
But I wouldn’t have the Bluetooth functionality and I wouldn’t be able to keep a better eye on it like I could with the bluetti

I did look at other portable power Banks but I just trust this brand

I am now a proud owner of eb3a

how long did take to ship to you who brought one from

So my power supply will be here in the next few days
I want some advice on care and charging
I’ve been told you shouldn’t charge this thing to 100%. That 90’s is decent
And that will increase the lifespan of the battery

Thoughts please

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UPDATE: my unit came today
I charged it and if I just run the cable modem and router I get between 7 and 8 hours of of power according to the display/

If I add the TV to the circuit it jumps up to 115 Watt hours and it drops to 2.5 hours

One thing I wish they’d add in a firmware update is the ability to keep the display on as long as there’s power connected

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