Trying to access Bluetti APP, SN not recognized

Tried to access the Bluetti APP for my AC200P model, enterd serial number but they say SN doesn’t exist

Funny, My AC500 just “Changed” my Serial Number - I was able to resync with the NEW number, however, I can ONLY connect with Bluetooth. Wondering if anyone else has this problem. Just started today 16 Sept.

@Blitzer42 the AC200P does not have apo connectivity unfortunately.

The AC200P does not have Bluetooth or app support.

Take the serial number exactly like it is shown on the display screen with all space, caps etc the same and it will probably work

@Scott-Benson the AC200P has no app connectivity or Bluetooth or wifi. :slight_smile:

That is correct, but the display screen on your AC200P has nothing to do with an app or connectivity. (The AC200P is a stand alone unit without app capability) Simply scroll to the touch screen on your AC200P and find the (inf or settings page I think) correct screen listing your serial number and determine if that is what # you have been inputting.

@Scott-Benson I think you misunderstood. I am addressing the original query that the AC200P was not connecting to the app. The fact is, the AC200P CAN NOT connect to the app. But never mind. I was simply trying to assist with an explanation why the app wouldn’t accept the SN or connect to the AC200P. The screen display, whilst much more useful than that of the 200Max, is irrelevant to this thread.

Correct, the AC200P does not have app functionality. I did misunderstand the original query and was understanding the the issue was that the serial number was not being able to entered for warranty registration purposes. Sorry for the mistake.