Trouble with solar charging

I haven’t been able to charge using my third party solar panels. In all my research I can’t understand why.

The error message I get is : 030
I understand this to be Configuration Faulty. Is it my configuration or the units? I have multiple panels in various sizes from 70W to 220W and have used them in series to remain in spec and a even a little over depending on the day.
I read 145V and nothing.

What am I missing?

Before you ask…
PV Mode … :heavy_check_mark:

35v <150v … :heavy_check_mark:
Polarity… :heavy_check_mark:
<90% charge … :heavy_check_mark:

What gets me is that plug n play isn’t sending errors. Nothing happens. BUT if I restart while plugged in to charge I get error 030.

I love my AC200P but I purchased it to utilize my solar panels. I worked at SoloPower before they went under so I know what these panels can do. I have 2KW collecting dust.

Cleaned off dust… :heavy_check_mark:

What does the screen say what error message 030 is?

What happens when you try a single panel such as the one you posted the specs for and connect it with approx 65 to 70 volts showing?

Here are my notice lights. This is always on.

When I try to charge via PV and nothing happens until I restart and I get the 030 Calibration Failure indicator. (Not shown here)

Yes. I have tried a single panel. 2 panels in series and even 4 small panels. Same results every time. Error message Configuration Faulty 030.

I will triple check my polarity this weekend if the sun comes out, otherwise I’m stumped.