Trolley and Other Accessories Order Delivery


I have a few issues I’d like resolving and am not getting a response after emailing you.

I ordered a trolley through Indiegogo (contribution number 8379) which was due to be delivered late April, but hasn’t arrived. Can you send it to me please?

Next, it was said that since the Indiegogo campaign reached a stretch goal, I’d be entitled to an extra years warranty. I’ve had no confirmation this has been applied, can you confirm now please?

Another stretch goal was a 100W USB-C charging cable (among other perks not mentioned here), which I haven’t received. Can you please send it to me? It should have been delivered in February according to the last update.


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@Rich1 We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
For BLUETTI Indiegogo based orders, please contact our crowdfunding department at for further resolution (usually a reply will be sent within 48 hours). They will provide you with an answer.


@Rich1 Welcome to the community!

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Thanks @BLUETTI, though I’ve messaged them twice now over the space of two weeks and haven’t got a response from them which is why I’m posting here, in the hope that someone can help.

One further question - is it possible to have my order from Indiegogo linked to my Bluetti account I have on the website? Currently it displays nothing and I’d like something more official that shows I’ve made a purchase with you.


Currently, indiegogo crowdfunding orders cannot be linked to BLUETTI official website orders, so the order backend on BLUETTI’s official website cannot be displayed.
That’s no problem if your order is displayed on IGG backend.
If our support staff confirms with you, you only need to provide a screenshot of your IGG crowdfunding order

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