Trigger signal if low battery?

Hi community

is it possible to get an electronical trigger signal (to switch a relais e.g.) if the batteries are below a given value?

I want to load my AC300 from my lead accu bank if it is to low. Use it on a boat an have usually no 230 V from outside ;)

With 230 V line it would be start automatically when reaching the value of SoC (this way I understand this).

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@bluetti_infosywahoode Sorry, AC300 does not currently have such a setting.

“currently” means, it may come later? ;)

There is intern a trigger to swich on the DC loading if the batteries are lower then defined SoC.

looking for the same at the AC loading port (defined as “from external battery”)

If I understand correctly, you want the ac300 to switch to the grid if/when the batteries get too low, right?
If so, use “PV Priority” ups setting, and set it to the lowest SOC you will allow before it starts drawing power from the grid.
That’s how my ac500 is set up, in case the batteries get too low at night. I assume the ac300 has the same ups options, as I tried to confirm but I can’t open the “user manual” with this upgraded app. Nothing happens.
It will stop the grid power when the battery charges back to your setting, or when the solar panels start charging it.

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I have two AC300 in split phase operation, and I have the “PV Priority” set up for 30%. It works perfectly to switch in the AC charging, but in my case it will switch out the AC charging only if the B300 batteries are above 40%. I believe you can use that setting and place some type of sensor to detect the current flowing through the AC input to switch the external DC input on. In a way, you will be using the AC input “turn on” signal to “turn on” the DC input.

This is just a work around idea because we Bluetti owners cannot access the charging control signals from the internal controller to give us what we need. So I am giving Bluetti engineers a hint to add a new interface port with simple “on or off” indicators to be read by an external controller (Arduino or Raspberry Pi) for new functions. Or add software and an API so it can be done through the basic Bluetooth interface.

In the future I may investigate how to access the signals with some real hardware modifications, probably after the warranty wears out.

Right, I want to load the accu from external DC (!). The same way like load from the AC grid - but mostly I’ve got no AC grid.

If I connect my browser with the IP of the AC300 there is running a http server. It ask for a username and password. May this be a way … ?