Trickle charging normal?

I noticed my acp200 is only charging at ~ 20-30 watts, and is just over 80% full. Is this normal trickle charge after x% full? Doesn’t seem to be charging at all and has been at the same place for last two hours. This is a plugged in wall charge, and I’ve seen it charging near 400 watts at first.

It would not be normal to charge at 20 to 30 watts with just over 80% full. Things to check would be…is the battery hot (charging after a high wattage discharge) or cold that would affect charge rate? AC charging brick overheated? If not, unplug the charger, turn the unit off and on again and try charging again. Any difference?

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It’s not hot. Haven’t used it for 3 or 4 days. And it’s been doing this all day. I’ve tried several different outlets, and all the same. I have both the ac and dc output off, so it’s solely charging and no discharge outgoing.

I’ve shut unit off and on several times, looked at the fualt history and nothing listed. I will also say, if something that uses high wattage is plugged in the unit and used, it then shows higher wattage charge.

Ie: no power out, charges at a miserable 20-25 watts. I plug in a hair dryer, output about 1500 watt, charge then shows 450-475 watts charge rate.

Also, this is a brand new unit. I’ve only owned it less than a month, and have only used it one weekend, so if the charger is bricked after, that means I must have gotten a defective charger.

Did you figure this out? Mine is doing the same thing… it’s great charging for a while…then it drops to 22w-12 w and never increases. Currently stuck at 94% since last night with nothing plugged in and DC and ac outputs off. Was working great for last few weeks this just started a few days ago.

Not yet. Support said they are sending me a new charger to verify if the charger is defective.

Is this only while using the AC charger? If so, have you tried car charging (after selecting car mode in settings) to see if the charging goes up to around 100 watts?

Robbie and Pipercc, a couple a good screen shots of the display main panel and the display screen after pressing the big round % state of charge in the middle would be helpful as well.

Car charger has been consistent at 90-106 watts. But this obviously isn’t a prefer way to charge. At least not for me.

So I’ve been playing with this more and while it’s not ideal I think I have it figured out. The battery level indicator has a hard time over 90% figuring out if its full across all the cells. I’ve found when it drops to the trickle charge it’s full. Reboot the system and it will usually jump to 100%. Alternatively if you are also charging over PV/car simultaneously it more easily jump to 100% without reboot. :thinking:

Hi Pipercc,

Some observations that might be relevant to your situation: I’ve only had my AC200P for twelve days now, but I’ve used it every day and monitored it closely. In another post on this forum I described my dismay at seeing the state of charge (battery level) indicator suddenly jump from 88% or 90% to 100% when I knew the battery was NOT fully charged. This seemed to be a calibration error that had the consequence of shutting off all input (both solar and AC adapter) even though the battery was not fully charged.

In correspondence with Bluetti and my own experimentation, I discharged the battery to 0% and the brought it back up to 100% while continuously charging with the AC adapter only. This worked well, with no unexpected jumps. The AC adapter put out approximately 450 watts, raising the charge level of the unit by approximately 1% every 3 to 4 minutes.

When it got to 99% it took a full half hour to get from there to 100%. For the first 20 minutes it continued to charge at 450 watts. Then, in the last 10 minutes, the charging wattage gradually decreased. When it got just under 100 watts, it went to 100% and charging stopped. This decrease in input wattage as the battery approached being full was expected. (I never did experience any very low wattage “trickle”, however.) Since I did this (only two days ago), the state of charge indicator has behaved much more predictably without any sudden jumps that I have noticed.

I have discussed the issue with Bluetti, and they said that the SOC (state of charge) indicator would gradually self-calibrate with continued use, and they also recommended the discharge to 0%, then recharge CONTINUOUSLY to 100% (for me only possible with the AC adapter) as a help to recalibrate the SOC indicator. So far this seems to be working.

In an amusing word choice, the Bluetti representative said that the battery level indicator (SOC) was “imaginary”. I think they probably meant “approximate”.

I did some research and calculating the state of charge of a battery has a lot of variables, and is likely to be merely approximate. So some anomalies are to be expected. It least that’s my understanding at this point.

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Unfortunately in my case, all the restarting, turning on/off of/car, ac/dc, discharge/charge didn’t help. Only after receiving the new adapter did it charge to 100%.

Granted I was sent a different charger that is only 400 watts max. So slower charge for me from ac, and really kinda sucks since now ac charge takes longer vs the 500 watt original.