Transfer switch

I have two ac200max units and wanted to connect them directly to my house supply. I have found some automatic transfer switches that transfer back to mains supply when the connected battery goes below a certain voltage.

Does anyone know if such a transfer switch would work if I used it with the bluetti ac200max.

And if not, has anyone else connected their unit direct to their house supply, as I would be very interested to know what solution you selected. The key point is obviously not having the battery connected at the same time as you are connected to the mains grid.

Thanks for any inputs.

Hi @Kingkong

I do have a similar usecase with my EP500Pro. But i get a manual transfer switch. There where a couple of reasons why a automatic switch isnt maybe the beste idea. First of all, theese switches can go on “Grid”, “Zero” and “emergency Power” (In this case your ac200Max). The “Zero” Position is really important. Its seperate the Grid from the Bluetti. Theese automatic transfer switches dont have a real “zero” and this can cause some real problems. Next thing why i choose a manual switch is because when the automatic switch turns to emergency Power, every device in you house is turning on together. This might exceed the power limit for the powerstation inverter. With a manual switch you can take of some fuses first. Especially here in germany many of us runs balcony Solar. With a automatic switch you might destroy the complete Bluetti Unit. This is because there can be more power produced that the loads in the house can consume. In this case your Inverter of the Powerstation will not only be a output, it trys to act like a input which doenst work and damage the whole unit.

Hope you can understand my points and maybe there are some points you also facing



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Hi Erik @Selfmadestrom , that is really helpful thankyou.

Do you have any details you could share with me about the manual switch you’re using as I think I might go the same way.

The other point I was a little nervous about was if I connect the ac200max to the main board and say, accidentally turn on the oven and washing machine together, could I suddenly have overheated cable to the bluetti and potential fire, but I assume the bluetti would just trip and turn off. Akso interested to know how you may gave dealt with this situation.

Thanks alot for the help and advice

Hi @Kingkong

im using this switch: : Kraus

The Bluettis does have a protection for too much load, but you cant use a a oven or anything like this anyway because its need 3 phase power which a “little” Powerstation cant provide.

Hope this helped


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