Touch screen menu items not functioning EP500 Pro

There are several menu items not functioning on one of my EP500Pro units. For instance under “settings” the entire 3rd menu screen does not work. I can not turn on the Bluetooth enable selection or any of the others on that screen. On the next screen I can only modify the “touch sound” button the “buzzer settings” will not select. There are several more on the other screens that do not function properly.


@MikeD Can you operate via the APP? If yes, the touchscreen is defective and needs to be replaced. You can contact the after-sale service.

Since I can not turn on the wifi/bluetooth because the buttons for that don’t work, the answer is no.

@MikeD You can message me with your order number and purchase platform, then I will contact the CS department to help you for the warranty.

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I have responded to a direct email I received last night from ya’ll. Thank you.

OK. Hope your problem can be resolved ASAP.

Well, it’s been 5 days and I have had way to many email communications (redundant questions and things to try that I have explained don’t work from the get go) one at a time each day for 3 or 4 days from support with ZERO actual solutions. Not a single phone call or number or plan for one. I am actively using and building my system to be off-grid and I planned to depend upon Bluetti’s products. This experience is just another nail in the coffin for my experience with Bluetti support. It continues to be the worst I have EVER experienced. I am now considering getting rid of both EP500 Pro’s and all the cables, etc. I have purchased over the last year. I do not feel like I could actually depend upon the products to keep my basic systems running. I am incredibly unsatisfied.

@MikeD Please provide me with your order number and purchase platform, then I can reach the CS in charge to help you.

27 days and counting. My EP500P has not worked for that long. In that time there have been 2 tornados and two power outages in my grid area and I had to run my gas generator to power my appliances. In that time I have had to reply to the same questions several times from Bluetti customer service persons. They have not understood the things I have told them concerning the issues. They ONLY communicate via 1 email response in 24 hours and more. They will not “chat” with you or call you to solve the problem in just the few minutes it would take to do so over the phone. I have spent hours communicating what only takes 2 or 3 minutes when speaking to a person in real time. I am VERY VERY unsatisfied but this is not no shock as EVERY issue I have had from attempting original purchase, questions concerning installation not addressed in literature or online, and now with touch screen failure has been full of the same non existent customer service. This is the biggest purchase error of my life! Now, I am being told that if I ship all my purchased items and both EP500Ps back to them they will refund me a depreciated portion of the $13,000 I have spent on this system that has only had issues from day one! If I choose to get the broken one fixed and keep the system I will live with the knowledge that the service is so damn awful I can only expect the same level of insane frustration AND the expectation that the equipment returned to me as repaired will be someone else’s damaged goods and not actually my own barely used equipment. My choices are disturbing at best.
I am waiting now for 3 days for further information on how exactly they will decide the refund value of all the barely used equipment…knowing how depreciation goes it’s gonna be just another ass whoppin handed out by the people in hiding at Bluetti… I can’t wait.

If you are considering buying anything from Bluetti you owe it to yourself and your wallet (not to mention your sanity) to read all the awful reviews online and on this forum before you make a huge mistake.

My next mission in life is going to be spreading the truth about Bluetti’s failures all over social media, to my friends in the Dallas area and everyone else I can on the solar power forums I frequent. At this point there is actually NO good reason anyone should purchase or do business with Bluetti and their parent company.

I will be happy to send the email stream to those of you who are wanting more proof of what I am saying is true. I am expecting to be blocked from this forum for putting this out here so at this point I will refrain from screen shooting the messages and posting here but if need be I will.

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Wow, this shocks me!
Since yesterday the display of my Bluetti EP500 Pro doesn’t work anymore, the power button lights up but you can’t turn it off, only by turning it back on. WiFi connection also failed, reconnection impossible. Only Bluetooth connection works.

I called the German Bluetooth support yesterday. The lady on the phone said “I found you as a customer, nice photo you have”, “What?” I replied. "I have a problem with the EP500 Pro, I spent 5,500 Euros for it and you say what a nice photo?

Today I just received an email from this person with a said call to my iPhone, but the iPhone shows no incoming call. I contacted Bluetti support on the forum but they say a moderator has to prove it. I will see what comes next. If there is no solution that works, I will use my YouTube channel and report what happened.

I also took a screenshot of this thread as evidence for any further action.

It would be great to hear from you!

Best regards!