Too many clicks to see my device's dashboard

with the new app version you already have to click 3 times before you can see the charging/consumption data of your device. First you get a screen with all kinds of things that you rarely need, manuals, warranty, …. Is it not possible to provide widgets, so that by clicking once I immediately see what I want to see. Warranty and manual and …. it doesn’t matter how many times I have to click for that.

@Edmond If your unit is connected to the app, it should show the SOC right on the “My Devices” page. Are you saying that you would prefer to have the “My Devices” page be the “default” window that pops up when you open the app? I like that idea as well but the thing is, not all bluetti units are wifi compatible and refresh constantly within the app. The non wifi units (such as the ac180 and eb3a) need to be manually “refreshed” as they are bluetooth only. Pros and cons to everything I suppose… as when a unit is constantly connected, there is going to be more power consumption taking place.

@Edmond I will feedback your needs to our relative deparment. It maybe improved in version 2.2.

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