To much SolarPower?

Why does the EP600 always get more electricity (A) than it can tolerate and then go into an error … the power consumption could certainly be reduced to 12 A with the software

PV1 10x410W
PV2 7x410

@Kbuettgen Please try to update the firmware to the latest version to check if the problem can be solved.

No update available. I’m up to date

@Kbuettgen Kindly provide me with the SN and the firmware version of the EP600 and we will push a firmware for you.

Can I also send you an email … serial numbers in a forum are not so good

@Kbuettgen Kindly check my message sent in private. Thank you.

Hello, I am the neighbor from Kbuettgen and I have the same photovoltaic system as KB. I also have the same problem with overcurrent. Would be great if this problem was also solved for my EP 600.
Best regards

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Thank you very much, the patch has arrived. Now the test follows :)

It seems that you have successfully managed to limit the power to 10A … unfortunately not to 12A … but better than an error :)

@Kbuettgen The new software does not limit the PV current. It may be related to the working conditions at that time. If the battery is fully charged and the load is light, which will limit the PV power. You can observe for a while.

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Perfect — Thanks :)