Tips for new AC200p owner?

Hi all. I have an AC200p on the way and I also just received my 2 200watt PV200 panels. I’ve watched about everything on youtube related to the AC200p and read these boards too. Any advice for a new owner of an AC200p?
When it arrives, should I drain the battery down to 0 and then back to 100?
I know that I’m supposed to use it every 3 months or so to keep it in good working order. What specifically should I be doing every 3 months? Drain it down to 0 and then charge back to 100 for storage?
Any other tips? Thanks!

when you get it…charge it to 100% and then discharge to 0% using a moderate load. Recharge back to 100% again without letting the AC200P sit at 0% for any extended length of time.

I discharge and charge my AC200 every three or four months and store it at 100%. Many others will advise you to keep the battery at 60 to 85% for storage but in my case it is for emergency use and I want to have the unit charged and ready at all times. It is simply not that big a deal for the average user who is not cylcling their AC200P daily. Yes, I may lose a tiny percentage of total charge cycle capacity but I will never come close to using the available charge cycles in my lifetime. I feel there is a much better chance of a random electrical malfunction that may render the unit non functional than thinking it all depends on maximum battery cycles. I bought if for emergencies and that is how I use it.


Thanks. I’m using mine for emergency too and would like to have it at 100% in case of a random blackout. Every 3-4 months do you discharge all the way down to 0?

I usually take it down to 0. But I always charge it back up with no delay

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You can take it down to zero, no problem, as long as you don’t leave it there for long.

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