Tiny House- 12 V wired? Frigobar Classic Situation

Hello to all the community ! Finally I was able to buy my first Bluetti AC200 Max in my home country (Chile) and I have some questions if you could please help me.

1-I have a tiny house, in the middle of nowhere, and I have seen in some videos that they use the NEMA TT-30 connection to a plug of the tiny house, where the whole wired network of the tiny house is “electrified”. Does anyone have experience with this? From what I understand, it means that everything that would be connected there would be at 12 v, right?

2-I need power mainly for a microwave (in time lapses at breakfast-lunch) and for the frigobar (mini fridge).

The consumption of the frigobar is 9.9 kWh/month (a very rare measure).

How much autonomy should this small refrigerator give me with the AC200 Max in your opinion?

Thank you very much for your help. Greetings to all, and thank you for being able to participate in the community.

Hi! You have a few options.

One is to wire the TT30 to a panel, providing 30A 110V to the panel and then wire all individual circuits of the house to that panel. Though note that 30A at 110V would exceed the max power of the 200Max and would cause it to shut down after a short time (seconds to a minute).

You can fashion a plug and wire the normal AC sockets to your panel, with a 12awg wire, this will provide 20A at 110v, matching the sustained max output of the AC200 Max

Last option is to plug the appliance circuit directly into the AC200.

The AC200Max can power any common microwave, but if it is high power unit (1500-1800) running at max power, then there might not be sufficient for the fridge start up surge. Note that it would still be fine to run the fridge if it is already running. So just be prepared for that possibility.

You will need a way to charge the 200max, are you using solar panels?

Yes, I will charge it with 4 solar panels. To give a little context, it’s a house I’m going to for no more than 3 days, and I would take it pre-charged from my home in the city.

The thing is that I don’t want to lose all the plug connections made in the tiny house (here there are 220 volts as a general rule). I thought I could plug the AC200 max to a panel that is connected to all the wiring, but you tell me that I would have problems with capacity?

More than anything I need to have the mini fridge, option to plug in the microwave when I need to use it, and watch movies with a projector at night (plus cell phone charging).

Maybe I would need an expansion module? Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot my friend for your help.

I don’t have much experience with the 220V version of the AC200Max, but I assume it would have similar output of 2kWh capacity, 2000W max sustained power but at 220V instead.

A mini fridge would likely use no more than 100w when the compressor is running and likely 500-600 surge, so even with your microwave on, it should not be a problem. The AC200Max can handle a surge of 2500W for a few seconds which would get the fridge going. The 2000W power should not be a problem at all, even if the projector (~250W) is running.

The question is whether you will have enough capacity. You’ll want to make sure you can last the duration of your trip with the initial charge and what you can refill with solar.
Mini Fridge 40w average = 1kWh / day
Microwave 1500w, but only running for 10 minutes / day = 0.25kWh
Projector 200w, say 2hr/day = 0.4kWh / day
Led lighting 4 x 8w, say 3hr /day = 0.1kWh/day
Phone charge / laptop etc… very little, say = 0.1kWh/day
= 1.8kWh/day + 20% for inverter losses = 2.16kWh

So you would use a bit over the full capacity of your unit each day. Which means you’ll have to charge it fully with solar each day. If you have 500W of solar input (get 600-700W of panels) you should be fine as you can assume 4-5 hour equivalent of full sun on a good day. If being powered is really important, then you will want to get an expansion 2kWh unit to give you some buffer just in case it isn’t fully sunny during your stay. If power is nice to have but optional, then you can just be conservative in your use if it is not too sunny.

I find this topic very interesting as i am doing something very similar. I have the Max and i am building this spring. I have already bought a distribution panel that would accept both 12v and 120 v . I am planning on having the rv 30 output going in to it and the 12v/30a too.

I am looking at running a coffee maker, fridge, induction plate and a fan on the 120v side of the panel and all of my lights on the 12v side.

The induction plate and coffee maker will both need up to 1500w when running. You should take care to not run both at the same time if hooked up to an AC200Max. Check the wattages, perhaps the AC300 (or 2x AC200Max) would be a better fit.

You are probably right about the 300 being a better fit for my needs but the damage is done and i have the max already. My back up plane is to get the plug in additional battery pack if needed. Hopefully with good power management it won’t be necessary.

Thanks for your insight very help full.