Time Control Functionality? What happens to load during charging?

For those of you who have used the Time Control Function as the UPS setting, I’m trying to figure out if this setting will help my need as I cannot find the answer anywhere and tech support has yet to get back to me. So I thought those of you who have this function would be able to answer this questions before I invest in a EP500 or AC300 with time control functionality.

What I want to do is plug in my fridge and full size freezer in my garage to Bluetti and allow the batter to power the appliance between 4pm to 8am. I understand I will use the “discharge” setting for this time setting. My question is, when I set to “Charge” between 8am to 4pm when my rate is lowest, is Bluetti still powering my appliances via passthrough as it is charging? OR does Bluetti automatically turn off the A/C ports and thus my appliances are off? The manual makes it sound like load is only powered during discharge, but does not speak to if the load is powered still during charging, via either passthrough charging and also charging the battery at the same time. If someone can confirm for me what happens during charging. TIA!!

@Spyris Time control mode, the load’s electricity will not be turned off.
Are you referring to charging your own battery with utility power, or supplying the appliance with electricity from the battery? The appliance will always be powered up and will not be affected

Additional, you have 3 options at time control:
Time Charge: load consumption from grid and charging battery up to your setting % (Soc).
Time Discharge: load consumption from battery only until lower % setting. After this point: grid consuming to keep your load powered and keep battery at low %.
No defined timeblock: grid consuming for load only.

00:00-01:00 discharge: battery only
02:00-03:00 charge: grid consumption load and charge battery (max amp. by setting)
01:00-02:00 is not mentioned: grid consumption load only.