Third Party 200 Watts Solar Panel charging E3BA

Bluetti E3BA:

OCV: 12-28V
Input Current: 8.5A Max.
Input Power: 200W Max.

Third Party 200W Solar Panel:

Rated Max output power(PM) 200W
Max. Power Voltage(VMP)9.69V
Max Power Current(iMP) 10.21A
Short-circuit Current(iSC) 10.72A
Max System Voltage 1000DVC
Max.Series Fuse Rating 15A

It will charge E3BA or it can damage it.

Your 200W solar panel can charge the EB3A and will not damage the machine, don’t worry.

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that 200 watt panel will charge the eb3a and won’t damage it however because the eb3a is limited to only 8.5 amps solar input and that’s a 19.7 what panel it needs 10.2 amps to get to 200 w so instead your maximum is going to be 19.7 volts times 8.5 amps for a maximum total of 167 w… so yes it will work fine however you’re paying for a 200 watt panel but you’ll never stay 200 Watts out of it when connecting it to eb3a because of that 8.5 amp limit

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