Thermometer integration into the app.

With all the software that the BLUETTI itself has and the app has I don’t understand why we don’t have something as simple as a thermometer check on the app or the bluetti to be able to watch the temperature of the unit to make sure we are not over heating.

Yes I know ther is one in the unit and turns the fan on. But we would also like to know what temperature it is to make sure where we are storing is a good spot and not overheating the unit.


Hi @Sawtooth

i would agree with you that it would be great to have more detailed information about the Powerstation than just Solar Input and inverter output.

To not confuse “normal” users, the App could be splittet in “normal” and “expert” view.

I that case everybody might get the data they want

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I have seen the temperature displayed on other makes and appreciate the information. I have also seen the temp information confusing to many and they were overly concerned that the unit was hot when they were operating normally. I agree that if the app contained “Expert” info it would be a plus.

@Sawtooth I will submit your suggestion to the app devs so they can assess the feasibility first.