The "parallel management" doesn't work as expected in the App v2.2.4

Yesterday I did a full upgrade of all of my EP600’s and B500 via bluetooth.
The update of BCU from v1025,14 to v1025,15 was a little bit triggy, it need a full hardware reboot after each B500, caused of an update error on each B500 again. Obviously only one battery can be updated at a time, but the APP tries to update all B500s in one run.

But this is not my problem. After updating, I reconnected both EP600s in the app (Add Device → parallel management).
But since v2.2.4 only the data of the first EP600 (master) is displayed in this new virtual EP600, the second is completely hidden. In v2.2.3 it was possible to access the master or slave EP600 within the virtual EP600. In v.2.2.4 only the master can be accessed. It is also no longer possible to select the individual EP600s via bluetooth (with the three dots next to the icon …), as only the virtual EP600 is displayed and no longer the individual EP600s below it.
Is it possible to go back to the old design of the virtual EP600 (v2.2.3)? It is no longer possible for me to update the software as long as I can no longer access the EP600 via bluetooth.
I have therefore cancelled the virtual EP600 again …
In my opinion, this is a deterioration of the APP, not an improvement!

Here are some pics from the v2.2.3, but now I cann’t find this features in v2.2.4

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@SigiKa Click three dots next to the icon, and then you can see both EP600, please check again as below


thats right, by clicking on the three dots I can see what is in your picture, but on this way I cann’t connect via bluetooth! What if my WLAN isn’t available for that moment, how connect via bluetooth if the devices (EP600) aren’t visible? With v2.2.4 we have no option to choose between connecting via WLAN or bluetooth, only WLAN is seeing …
And how did you see the device infos of the second EP600 and its B500? Try this and search for some battery state or the cell voltage … I cann’t find it for my second EP600, only for the first one.

I’m missing the choise between cloud (WLAN) and bluetooth:

And I’m missing the device infos from my second EP600 + B500’s (in the picture is the first one, cann’t go to the second one in this way, have to split it again and configure it in single mode …):

@SigiKa I am checking with our technician and provide you with a video showing the interface after the connection. If it’s convenient for you, could you also take a video for us to check?

@SigiKa Could you please also provide me with the SN of your EP600?

@BLUETTI_CARE please check your PN


where and how the video(s) can be uploaded?
I have just made the parallel connection and tried (in vain) to get the information about the second EP600 and its batteries.

@SigiKa Thank you. Kindly check the information.