The NEW EP500 to buy or not to buy. That is the question

I have the AC200p and a Renogy 4 100amp hour homebuilt with 3000 w inverter and 2 sets of 4 LiPe4 coming from Aliexpress which I will set up with a 3000 watt inverter.
Do I really need the EP500? WTH
NO I don’t need it. My situation is this. We live 12 miles from the San Andreas fault. If it 115 degrees out which in the summer it is alot. No electric mean no a/c
Do I have enough AH to run 2 5000 watt window A/c units and keep the refrig and freezer on and lights etc? Also other National emergencies could disrupt power here.
To Buy or not to Buy that is the question?
I really would like 2 EP500 units to hook together. HELP!

You do not mention if you have a solar setup and if so, how much do you have? Or is your setup just “come-as-you-are” what energy you have stored and nothing more. You also do not mention how long you expect your system to run.

I have 5 Bourge rv 180 in series. I have a total of 8 in case I buy this unit. For my AC200P I am using 5 in series at present getting around 450 watts in the afternoon here in the desert.

Of course you need it. I also like the case of connecting two units in parallel and then connecting to a whole house similar to a gas generator. I also like the ability to connect a transfer switch and also connect solar at the same time which gives the flexibility to power for example…lights, TV,Fridge entirely on solar while the rest of the circuits remain powered by the grid in normal day to day operation. Two units connected in parallel could power everything except central AC. The transfer switch for me is the key to the EP500 for me.

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And I seem to recall Hobotech hinting that a transfer switch might be perk if you purchase 2 EP500s. Nothing firm. Might even be a stretch goal. Though might even be nothing at all.

Just read that the Fusion Box to connect two EP500s will be $109 on the KS campaign page, which opens tomorrow.

I went to kickstarter and saw NOTHING on the bluetti. What am I doing wrong?

Went to kickstarter again and still NOTHING please send a link. Thanks

You must be on the China Kickstarter NOTHING on kickstarter USA

It starts tomorrow. 11 am PDT I think.

It starts tomorrow at 9 am pacific time… Good luck