The Most Affordable Power Solution

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High costs of home batteries, limited budget for power solutions, and concerns about reliability during outages.


BLUETTI EP900 system, with its modular design and affordable pricing, offers a stackable solution. It efficiently powers the entire house, handles peak loads, and provides flexibility in energy usage, making it an economical and reliable choice.


  • Cost-Effective Off-Grid Power: Affordable system allows going off-grid during expensive times, saving money.

  • Flexible Charging: Powers electric vehicles off-grid, providing an eco-friendly solution.

  • Reliable Backup: Ensures comfort and safety during outages, protecting against blackouts.

“Incredibly impressed with BLUETTI EP900. It’s not just affordable but versatile. This system is a game-changer, saving me money and ensuring my family’s comfort during outages. Kudos to BLUETTI for making home power freedom accessible.”

Unlocking Affordability in Home Energy Solutions

In my quest for a cost-effective home battery system, I stumbled upon BLUETTI’s EP900 during a road trip to Orange County. The initial pain point I had with home batteries was their exorbitant prices, making sustainable energy solutions seem out of reach.
However, BLUETTI’s EP900 caught my attention not just for being affordable but also for its modular and stackable design. The system’s versatility aligns with the practical needs of many households, providing a viable alternative for those on a budget.

Empowering Homes, One Kilowatt at a Time

As I explored the EP900, it became clear that BLUETTI’s commitment to providing ample power doesn’t compromise on efficiency. The system’s 9kW inverter and DC-coupled battery units ensure that energy loss is minimized, making it a reliable source for powering an entire home.
The flexibility to start with a modest setup and expand later resonated with me, presenting an affordable entry point to the world of home battery systems. Not only does this system promise to keep the lights on during outages, but it also allows for off-grid living during peak energy cost times, showcasing its potential to revolutionize how we manage home energy consumption.

Crunching the Numbers: A Sound Investment

Back at home, I crunched the numbers to evaluate the economic viability of the BLUETTI EP900 for my specific setup. Factoring in my region’s high electricity rates and the time-of-use pricing, the EP900 proved to be a sound investment. The ability to harness solar energy, coupled with the modular design, provides an opportunity to save substantially on energy bills over the system’s 10-year warranty.
With a variety of configurations available, including a compelling option for those looking to balance budget and functionality, BLUETTI’s EP900 emerges not just as an economical choice but a strategic investment in the future of sustainable and affordable home energy solutions.