the communication has expired, please try again

I very often have the problem that the system does not connect properly over the Internet. The data that I see on the display is up-to-date, but then it says “connection expired” and the display is closed, where could that be? This has recently happened very often with many Bluetti devices, including the Ac300.

Hi @bluetti_moltermgmxde

i do have the same with my EP500Pro sometimes. But the be fair, Wifi signal isnt really strong there. I think this issue is there when you open the app and then put it in the background for a longer time. If you open the App from the background again, the session is expired. For the most time, its fixed it for me to complete close the App and reopen it.



@bluetti_moltermgmxde Hi, please provide me with the SN and firmware versions and I can check if there is a firmware can fix this.

SN 2240000035748
fimware: see photo

Thank you

@bluetti_moltermgmxde Thanks for the information. But I’m sorry I don’t know which model you have. Could you please provide me with the IOT version?

Seems like EP600. But @bluetti_moltermgmxde also mentioned that this error happend to many of his Bluetti devices, so its not device specific.

as I said, the problem occurs with multiple devices. That would be the number you requested: IoT2240003105748 from my main unit. if you forcibly close the app in Android and reopen it, the problem is fixed until the next time it occurs again

Same problem with me, since yesterday no connection via Cloud to my EP600. See always “Connection timeout” and App jump back to main page. Connection via Bluetooth works well (but I don’t always stand around in the garage to visit my EP600)

@BLUETTI_CARE, could it be that you have some problems with your server?
Just at home and connect my APP via bluetooth to EP600, still shows me that it is offline!
Check my router an AP, if EP600 is connected and found it online in my home-net:

Look again in the APP, under device info it show me also that it is connected to my WLAN:

But why is the “Server Status” all the time on “No connection”?
My firewall indicates me many data trafic to the Internet, asume its to your server, but in the APP its all the time offline …

@SigiKa @bluetti_moltermgmxde Sorry for my late reply. I got feedback from our technicians and they replied to you via email, you can check more details with them.