The BLUETTI APP has been updated!

Dear Backers:

The BLUETTI APP has been updated to the V1.2.0 version. The following are the update info:

This update contains changes to the BLUETTI APP, including:


  1. Optimized response speed and the connections under different network conditions.

  2. Fixed minor bugs.


  1. Added Community section to get the latest news from BLUETTI.

  2. Added the After-sale service section to receive prompt support from the BLUETTI team.

If you have not set “auto-update” in the setting, please try Manual updating in the App Store or Google Play.

To check the current APP version, please enter “me”, and you will see the current version on App Version.

If you have any questions about the App Updating, please contact

Thank you,



Thanks for your work in improving the app.

Can we add a feature: require confirmation when turning AC or DC power ON or OFF? It is easy to accidentally toggle the setting.

I use the EP500 and iOS. The console on the EP500 does ask for confirmation.



Excellent!! Thank you @BLUETTI !!

I have installed it and used it today for the first time. Why does it ask for a name and password?

If you want to connect to the AC300 via wifi then you will need to create and use an account with the app, since the AC300 will connect to their servers and be able to communicate with your app from anywhere. If you do not wish to do that then you can use the “connect” option to use bluetooth without wifi activated or having an account.

Then the app should have a extra line describing the need of the name and password for WiFi. It is not obvious for laypersons.

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[EDIT to add – the 1.3.1 update fixed this, so the comment below no longer applies.]

BAD update in 1.3.0. Taking away the guest feature and requiring a login is baaaaad. It also means the app is useless unless you have internet access.

Today the app has been “downgraded” in the sense that tbe power flow display has return to the original layout although with a dark background. It is version 1.3.7.

You can use it without a login only for a Bluetooth connection.

das waere eine super Verbesserung, außerdem wäre es hilfreich wenn die AC-Eingangsstromstärke per App gesteuert werden könnte!!