Smart Power, Max Runtime🔋 448Wh Capacity with 700W Max. Output, for only $0.7/Wh!
:muscle:With Max.580W AC Input, charge up to 80% in 45 mins.
:earth_asia:Superior battery durability with 3000+ Lifecycle, supporting worry-free power backup in any emergency.

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Oh wow. Lovely!
Right between AC2A and AC70 and a decent power upgrade that finally matches EB3A in the small/portable segment in terms of AC output.
Only twice the weiht of an AC2A, significantly lighter than AC60 & AC70.
700W of output, that’s an immediate match for lots of DIY & gardening needs, thinking of:

  • hedge trimmer
  • electric drill/rotary hammer/chisel like bosch GBH 2-25 ( personal favorite)
  • grinder
  • small/medium arc welding machine
  • small/medium circular saw
    What other uses come to mind?

Absolutely right, this one is nice for many uses. It would be great to take to the beach, or on a picnic. Take a PV120 or a PV200 panel. Use it to run a small electric cooler or fridge, maybe a fan or two. Some lights for the evening. Perfect for a weekend camping trip. As you suggested it can be used for small tools if there’s no outlet nearby, or to charge tool batteries. Anyone have more ideas?

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That would be a great, lightweight unit to take out for night viewing with my 11" Celestron telescope.
I need power for my clock drive, heater ring, and my new Autoglider, as well as my laptop.