The AC500 Apex release date?

Does anyone have ANY (pre)-release dates for the New Apex AC500? Has anyone been to CES this year and heard anything? Or, if someone from Bluetti who monitors these forums could throw us a bone and give us any updates?
The new Ecoflow Powerkit is being pre-released today, and it appears that both products will work for me, although I am still partial to the Bluetti, and it appears that the AC300 is not going on a great sale (like last Halloween) anytime soon (inventory issues?).

Hi @wtytke , thanks for your attention on BLUETTI new product.
We have not yet received any information about the new product.
If there is any new product launch information, we will announce it on our official account and FB group.
You can keep an eye on it and join our group :) Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t use Facebook but thank you for the reply. It doesn’t hurt to ask, it looked like you had a prototype working at CES2022 and even had the Na Batteries. I hoped that you would have great sales in the next month on the AC300 + Batteries, it seems all the focus is on your EB3a and smaller systems. I still prefer your AC300 over the Powerkits that Ecoflow is introducing because of portability and functionality, but you get more bang for the buck with the new Ecoflow.
Again Thanks