The AC200P Max is Here!

Looks like Bluetti is keeping busy making our new purchases old within 6 months!

That’s okay, we need innovation and I’m glad they are responding to our needs and wants.

Have you seen the preview yet??

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It looks pretty sweet. I think they’re updating as they get feedback. Love the 1 panel option although I opted for a 3rd 120watt for my ac200p. Other than that I don’t think it offers anything more than what I need and have already. Really cool though. Glad they’re able to make more new stuff.

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Just googled it and can’t find anything at all? Got any links?

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There is a Bluetti Facebook page that has been “leaking” out information -

For some reason I’m not getting approved for the Facebook group. What’s the info?
I’m a bit annoyed if it’s an AC200p that you can add additional battery capacity to, as that’s why I held off getting one for ages!

The really really nice thing Bluetti did with the modular batteries is made them compatible with all AC200’s. Even though you won’t get the 30amp out (which isn’t a deal breaker for me), 200 watt higher inverter, and higher solar input, at least they made it possible for the battery expansion.

Hobotech put out a YouTube video today on a different subject but in the background you can see an AC200 and two expansion batteries. He will probably have a review out whenever Bluetti lets him release it.


Did you answer the the couple of questions required for joining the Facebook group?

All good now, added to the group.

This sounds very promising. If I can add battery capacity to my existing AC200P and charge them both with the same charging method (solar in my case) at a reasonable price. I’ll be really happy.

They haven’t released the prices yet but I’m watching for it daily.
Should be able to recharge with solar and still have an extra battery in use.

Rob, did you answer the questions when you requested to join the group? Failure to answer the questions is the most common reason for non group approval.