The AC200 has arrived 010421

UPS delivered about 230p today. Looked like it had a rough ride, the outside box had some damage. Could also tell impact damage to one of the top edge protectors. But once taken out of all the packaging i see no damage visibly to the AC200.

Since it has been sitting at UPS warehouse for 5 days and its been below freezing i gave it about 7 hours to get to room temp b 4 turning on and charging.

Arrived at 30% charge (im sure due to cold temps) in travels).

Had no issue setting date and time. Had a 1-18-2029 date, im thinking that cant be true. All other settings were set correctly for USA.

Trying to figure out how to get wireless charging done. Going to finish reading the manual

Does the screen goto sleep when charging? I dont want it to burn in. If im in a power outage sit then i would want the screen on but if im charging i just want to tap it to wake screen up for quick glance.

Ill try to post a couple pics. Well i dont see an insert image icon.

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Charging at 388w. Guess I thought it would charge closer to 400. The brick says charge rate 411W.

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Been reading the instructions. Says have to reset date and time every 2 weeks (page 5) - REALLY? This has a capacity of 2000W and we have to reset date and time every 2 weeks.

I would like to know if anyone with AC200 is following this instruction?

Would also like to know why this would technically be required? What is it about the design that would require this?

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Been charging almost 2hrs. Now at 390w. Gained about 40% charge in 2 hours to 70%. So I expect to be at 90% charge in another hour. Then I believe I’ve read others say that last 10% can take awhile, I’m guessing the total watts will drop to like a trickle charge to top the final 10%. Just sharing my experience for other new users.

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I did have issue with setting time. It is 24 hrs clock not 12 hour. So now have to reset, hopefully no issues. FYI for those just getting their AC200.

Update: no problem at all

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Checked at 3:45 and 100% charged. Less than 4 hours.

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Looks like you’re getting the hang of it!

For the wireless charging, you have to turn on the DC.


Well so far my AC200p has been a very expensive phone charger :upside_down_face:.

I turned the bluetti back on last night snd still said 100% charged, a good start, dudnt loose any charge while powered off :+1::+1:.

First i noticed the date was incorrect. Probably due to my earlier error of setting the clock as 12 hr instead of 24hr. So i reset the date. But then i realized the Settings screen doesnt retain the current date and time, it always has a factory setting for date and time (i think i recall someobe posting about this but i forgot in the geat of battle :sweat_smile:). So i had to go back in and set the time again. Hopefully done with that issue although still waiting for folks to chime in on my question aboutcthe instructions saying have to rest evey two weeks.

So i decided to charge my phone using wireless pads on top of the AC200. Wanted to see how much charge would drop on the bluetti (start at 100%).

Turned DC on and placed phone on right fast charging pad. Nothing happened, zeroW on the DC output. So i turned DC off and back on, placed phone back on the right pad, it started changing the phone :partying_face::partying_face:. 4W on DC output but went to zeroW. It appears Samsung decided this a good time to upgrade the OS :rage::rage:. Apparently phones cant charge durinv the update so i turned DC off and waited for update to complete (left the AC200 on).

After update i turned DC back on and placed phone on left charging pad. Woo Hoo it started charging at 9W. But then it went to zeroW after less than a minute :unamused:. So recycled DC off and on again. Phone started charging usine 4W. Phone estimated full charge in about 1.5 hours.

At just under 3 hrs i checked znd phone charged. AC200 at 98%.

Kinda a wonky start. But my concern is why didnt the phone fast charge on these pads? I briefly saw 9W for a few seconds. But 4W was the main charge. The setting for fast charge was on. And it fast charges with wall adapter. Anyone @BLUETTI know whg a phone would not get fast charged on the AC200P fast charging pads? Anyone else experience this or are you able to get fast charging?

For such a low wattage draw, it is probably not a good assumption that the main AC200 display is 100% accurate with regards to wattage use. The display is more of a reference rather than a measuring instrument. Not sure, but that could be the reason you are seeing some variance from expectation.

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Hooked old laptop today. AC watts fluctuated between 95 and 135. Then when powered down it stayed at 60, guessing that was the laptop battery charging from the AC200.

Roxie depending on your phone and case its a crap shoot for positioning on any wireless chargers.

Best bet is take it out of the case and set it on the top. Slowly move it around the charging area until your phone blinks and notifies you its being charged.

My case is thick and wont work on any wireless chargers unless i remove the phone. My wife has a different case and her phone charges no problem so it hit and miss :slight_smile:

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It does appear to be sensitive so I have to move it around for charging in the case, its not verythick. I’m just surprised it only changes at 4-5w, starts around 9w and then goes down to 4w, not exactly fast charging.