Thanks Bluetti!

Just got a nice gift via mail this morning :slight_smile:
Thanks @BLUETTI :blue_heart:
Nice coffee grinder (metal, coarse selector, nice hefty feel), a metal cup, a lamp/power bank combo… I really appreciate the brand’s efforts to create a special connection with its user base, community and brand ambassadors!
The keychain AC200 just nails it :laughing:


@Derceto Thanks for sharing. :blue_heart:
Is this the souvenir for the BLUETTI Ambassador Program, arranged by Scarlett?

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Indeed, it’s for the program. Getting my van back in a week or two, I’m delighted to prepare a little trip… with a fully loaded AC500 and the two B300S to keep us warm :slight_smile:
The inflatable backseat mat should arrive anytime soon too:



Wow, thats looking really comfortable!

Have much fun on your trip ;)

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Congrats! Looks wonderful

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Sounds like a well prepared trip :zap::+1: Have fun :metal:

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In the meantime, my kid claimed the camping light, and likes to think it’s a portal device like in the Portal game:

Portal 2, Atlas & P-Body pondering…

Haha, i mean… there a certain similarities^^ Seems like not only you have with the package :wink:

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Wow how can I get a nice gift?


@Wilkins Stay tuned to the upcoming giveaways, as there is a great chance to win big BLUETTI prize!!

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