Testing. Pairing our Bluetti AC50s with our two Traeger Pellet Grills

Today was a little experiment. I was using our Bluetti AC50s and I wanted to see what the difference was between our two Traeger Pellet Grills. First I started with our larger Silverton grill which you see in the video. Check out the wattage this beast of a grill draws. Almost nothing. Firing the pellets with the automatic igniter drew about 90 watts. After igniting the pellets, running the fan and auger draws a minimal 10-15 watts. I ran it for 2 hours, smoking these pork loin chops first, then searing them at 450* F. I then ran the smaller Ranger pellet grill making dinner and it drew much more wattage, just under 300 watts to ignite and 45 watts running. All in all, this Bluetti AC50s proved itself to be a workhouse, powering both grills for almost 6 hours. The power level on Little Blue only dropped to 80%. I could have cooked a long and low temperature brisket 12 hours on the larger grill
and still had power to spare on the AC50s. And I originally thought that I’d need to power up our AC200 for this. Now I can’t wait for the arrival of our Bluetti AC30.