Test 18 Hrs on frig battery down to 9%

I just ran a test on my frig with AC200P The battery went to 9% in only 18 hrs. Does this seem normal? I thought it would run my frig at least 30 hrs. It went to 120 volts when the compressor kicked in at 118 watts , and then reduced quickly to 35 watts or below for most of the 18 hours.
Also when I first charged the AC200P with the adapter it went to 100% , but as soon as I removed the adapter
the charge was 98% .
I did have this in eco mode.
I am wondering if it is as wonderful as the advertisement.
Shouldn’t I get more than 18 hours out of this battery?

Wow, I would have 3xpect3d more than 18hrs.

35 watts to run a full size fridge seems way too low. Any testing I have done on my three year old full size double door GE fridge has shown 116 to 135 watts steady state usage. 18 hours of 35 watts calculates out to 630 total watts which is less than half the usable battery available.

Be aware that if you have the DC on it consumes power even though nothing is plugged in. The AC consumes power when turned on even if nothing is drawing power at that given moment. Most full size refrigerators have a heated defrost cycle (uses a large amt id od power during the cycle) and heated freezer door seals that consume power as well.

The only real way to do a consumption test is the plug a Kilowatt meter into the AC200 and then your fridge into that to see how many watt hours got consumed total. Your AC200 will use about 17 watts per hour just being on with the AC inverter on with no load. It have conversion losses to convert the DC voltage to AC. If you are producing 100 watts of AC power, you will consume 115 to 120 in order to get your net 100 watts.

I get around 1350 watts (through the Kilowatt meter) out of my AC200 battery which has an ultimate capacity of 1700 watt hours. You will get the most battery efficiency out of the AC200P when you are drawing a medium load (500 watts or so) over a shorter period of time because then your no load losses are minimized


Thank-you Scott for answering me. I have no electrical knowledge and the reason I bought the AC200P was for emergency use and I have 2 solar panels I have not hooked up yet.
I have a Kill A Watt meter that I did not use but i suppose I will try again with that. When I plug the frig into the200P do I press the AC button on or leave it off? I had it on before. I just need to know if that sounds right to you that my battery was down to 9% after 18 hours. Its a new whirlpool 24.5 cu ft. I need to know if my ac200P is good. not faulty and no one answers me when I call the number in Colorado.
I appreciate your help so much.

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The runtime of power a fridge depends on the fridge size, amount of food, and temperature settings. The actual result may vary. But it’s pretty normal to run a home frig for about 20hrs before the AC200P is drained out.

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Household fridge normally consumes 1~1.5kwh per day. And the capacity conversion rate of AC200P is about 80~85%. The runtime of fridge will be extended if you remove some food out and avoid frequent opening and closing the doors.

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When you use the AC200 to power the fridge, turn the main AC200 switch button on and the screen will say initializing. When ready, press the AC button and select on. Do not turn anything else on unless you need to use one of the other functions. Plug in the fridge and you are ready to go. Your AC200 sounds like it is running fine. In a real emergency, you can manually run the fridge for an hour and then turn off the AC for an hour or two and continue this cycle to stretch out the time if you really had to. The big thing to remember is that when your fridge runs, it cycles on and off. When the fridge cycles off, the AC200 still uses some power just being on. Its not big deal and you don’t have to do anything, just be aware of that. Almost a full day is doing well and I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

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good idea about turning the frig off and on to extend time
thanks so much for your help Scott

I use one of these to cycle my residential upright fridge/freezer in long term outages. You can set as many on/off cycles as desired. I usually set it to something like 30 minutes ON, 1 hour OFF. Repeat. How I set it depends on ambient temperature. Will definitely extend your total runtime and you don’t have to be around to manually operate the AC200.