Temp Faulty

My power station resists charging every time that i connect it to the grid. I’ve checked the environment, shall be no issue and within charging working environment standard. My device was pretty new (1 month) and this is the first time that it being charged and yet, failed. Any solution on this?

I take your device is a EB3A? The cooling isn’t the best but it shouldn’t overheat unless it is in an enclosed space, hot ambient, or charging for a long time.

Does it shut down charging with temp error every if it has been left idle for an hour? How hot is it where you are using it?

Have you ever heard the fans run?


Great questions @snowstorm

I have only been using mine for about that long and haven’t had any issues like that. I have mainly been charging it in my vehicle though.

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@bluetti_tunnsolihinyahoocom Is the temperature too high? Please switch off the EB3A and keep the EB3A in a cool, dry place for a little while. Then restart it to check it works.

I noticed that the EB3A fan doesn’t run in UPS mode. The fan will run when in inverter mode or when charging, but not when it is already over temp. In UPS mode, it still produces heat and can get to a point where it would throw an over temp error when it eventually tries to charge. However, once in over temp mode, then fans won’t run either. So it is stuck.

My personal solution is to glue a 60mm DV 12 V (usb would work too) onto the case and have it plugged into the DC output of the unit. Not elegant, but it works.

Here is my solution, a 60mm fan plugged into the USB

I actually have the opposite behaviour. The fan runs in UPS mode for me! it runs once every 15 min or so. I find it problematic because the fan is running even though the battery is at 100% and no load attached to it. This means it is creating noise for no reason (the unit is sitting still, not doing anything other than being plugged to AC input). So I think it is related to the firmware you have. can you please tell me what you have? I would prefer your firmware if it does not run the fan in ups mode :) my firmware is:

ARM v2063.02
DSP v2052.07