technical feature MPP (Maxi Power Point) on AC200MAX

Hi every body.

I would like use solar panels on my roof and I don’t know which characteristic of the solar panel I must choose.
Volt max, Intensity max, Volt nominal, Intensity nominal.
I know for AC200MAX that it’s 900W maxi, range Volt 10-150v, intensity max 15A.
Sometimes I read solar panel 12v or 24v or 48v. I know as well the tension of battery is important, but I don’t know if your battery is 12v, 24v or 48v (I think it’s only for specify the battery voltage).
I know the Bluetti 350W Panel has VMP 37,5V : IMP 9,2A : VCC 46,5V and ISC 10,8A
That’s all.
Frenchie Guy