T500 fan upgrade

Hey guys, I’m planning to upgrade the fans on my t500 ac adapter so i open the unit to take some photos.
The fans inside is the FD5015BH and the dimentions is 50 x 50 x 15mm with 2 pin adapter, i have search on the internet but there is no silent fans with this specs so if someone can find good fans with this specs please share them here.


Hi @Koumkouat
How about something like this:


It has a 3 pin plug. But im sure you can change that somehow


But it’s not the same size it is 50x50x10

Oh i see. You need x15. sorry missread that…



I think this is fine but it is 23db idk how quiet will be compared with the original fans what do you think?

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You can measure it with a smartphone app. But it think 23db is really quiet and should be lot quieter than the standard fan

Good so i will buy two of them and i will comeback again with the final result.


oh thank you for trying this out, I’m interested in replacing my T500 and D050S fan.

I found some 50x50x15 (dual ball), 2pin fan and 18db

What connector does it use? is it the standard 2 pin connector like the fan above?

Yes they have this two pin power connector like the AliExpress fans, btw this is amazing price for this specs you must try them and if the cheap fans fail you can buy the same with me.

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About the D050S I’m not sure if this unit have the same fans you must open and check the fan sticker.

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Looking forward to hearing your results with all this @Koumkouat !

I just opened the D050S and it is only one fan near the power cord side.


Here is the manfacturer website, but cant find the FD5015BH specs on db unfortunately.

You couldn’t find a Noctua fan the size you needed? I use them in all my computer builds and even have a tiny one for my M.2 NVME 2TB SSD.
They are so quiet you have to look at the blades to see if they are turning.

This was the first i checked but have only 40mm & 60mm fans.

You have the same fan.

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Awesome thanks. Looks like I couldn’t find because no English page.

But the dba is pretty high 29-36!

Look forward to changing them out to the 18 dba fans.

If you live in cold place probably you will not have any problem with silent fans.

I got the fans today and also i test them but i need the adapters from aliexpress to install them on charger.
The fans are dead silent but there is not much air like the stock from the bluetti, maybe the charger give more power because i have 12v usb adapter. I will comeback with the final results in some days.

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Ya my fans are coming mid November :( I’ll remember to update when I get mine.

Hi @Koumkouat

Thanks for sharing. You could use the old cable from the standard T500 Fan and connect it to the new one. But if it dont work, you have a broken standard fan xD