T500 ac power supply

I am having intermittent power issues from my T500. At times it works, showing 54 volts and a range of 350-370 watts.
And at other times it shows the voltage but no wattage. That happens at various times and usage.

What am I experiencing?

@bluetti_glaforge0gmailcom Which mode did you charge it with the T500? How do you measure the voltage and the input power?

I observe voltage and power from the touch screen when I touch “grid”
Not sure what you mean by “mode”; I plug in the AC charger to the ac200max while it is running with a load, as well at night when the battery is low and I shut off ac/dc output

When it is showing no wattage, is it fully charged or overheated?

When it is not showing wattage, it is neither fully charged or overheated.